Music Instruction

This website is to inform clients and persons inquiring about my direction and focus as a musician and a woodwind tutor.

I christened my site “Woodwind Instruction From The Ground Up” because many music teachers will not take very young students, but I prefer to start tutoring a student as soon as they can hold a woodwind instrument in their hands because I know that they are a “clean slate”.  I can help them get basic concepts correct right from the start.

I teach woodwinds – Flute/Piccolo,  Clarinet/Bass Clarinet and all the Saxophones (alto, tenor, baritone & soprano).


  • We work on rhythm. Clicking sticks and subdividing immediately.
    I call this “good math”.  Rhythm Tools: drumsticks, metronome, drum machine, iRealPro app, loops on Logic Pro.
  • Naming the notes while correctly fingering them on their instrument. The ABC’s of music.
  • Cement the idea that learning the “technical” side of music is NOT rocket science. It’s based on repetition and memorization. Just like sports . . . drill, fix and repeat. Drill, fix and repeat. It’s all mechanics.
  • Artistry, articulations, interpretation and dynamics are taught to these padawan learners. They’re never too young to learn these concepts.
  • Ear training by memorization of beginning band songs and later through the exercise of jazz transcriptions. I show them how to hear and “find the note(s)”. Singing is a MUST in this arena – sing the note, identify the note, name the note.
  • Many other concepts that are my own style and brand of teaching.
  • One important factor that I include in the lessons is humor, metaphors and fun!
  • Children have young “fresh” brains and soak everything up like little sponges. Young children learn fast with very little complaining thus they learn rippin’ fast!

Music lessons are taught at my home studio in Westlake Village, CA with digital & video recording capabilities.

Logic Pro / Universal Audio’s “Apollo Twin” / Avalon 737sp tube amp / Blue Mics / Canon D70 (videos).


  • Scales:  Major, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor and modes based on these scales. Diminish, Bebop, Whole Tone.
  • Sight-reading
  • Classical/Traditional & Solo Performance Repertoire Etudes
  • Learning pre-written Jazz Transcriptions
  • Advance Jazz Students:  Writing “Take Downs /Solo Transcriptions”
  • Music Theory
  • Encouraging the client/student on instrument & equipment upgrades
  • Preparation of School Band Performance Pieces (Classical/Big Band)
  • Preparation of “solo performance repertoire*” and/or actual performances.
              * A must for many high school entrance auditions.
  • Solo Repertoire / Solo Ensemble / College Arts Supplement Videos

Additional Services:  Video/audio recordings for “art supplements” to colleges and universities. Assistance to uploading to college portals and/or YouTube as requested by the admissions information. (For music and non-music majors).
Recording Equipment:  Apple’s Logic Pro Recording software. Apollo Twin Thunderbolt Audio Interface, Blue “Blueberry” Microphone, KRK monitors.
Video:  Canon 70D. Video/Audio Editing: Logic Pro/Final Cut Pro

Classical/Traditional, Jazz, Jazz Impro, Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk.

For over twenty years, I have been teaching students who live and/or attend schools in the Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Camarillo, Moorpark, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, and Topanga Canyon areas. Previously in the Glendale and Culver City area.

** My student’s success are the evidence of my teaching skills. Please visit my “student brag page“.