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I have a few policies that I had to create and enforce
due to past experiences with clients and potential clients. 


  • Students/clients who fall ill on the day of their lesson can cancel without VERY LITTLE notice and will not incur any financial penalties/charges.
  • Students/clients will not incur any financial penalties/charges due to family emergencies.
  • 12 HOUR NOTICE CAN BE GIVEN for any reason without incurring any charges.  Otherwise the student/client will be charged the full rate.
  • NO makeup lessons are issued when charged for a late cancellation or a “no-show”.
  • If I need to cancel, I WILL not charge and a makeup lesson can be arranged.
  • Late cancellations or “no show” excuses not accepted:  I forgot my band instrument. I have to study for a test. I forgot about the lesson. ONLY illness or a family emergencies is an acceptable excuse. 
  • No excuse for POOR PLANNING.
  • REASON for the CANCELLATION POLICY:  If I have enough notice, I can possibly book another student in that time slot.  If not, I lose income.


  • In a show of LOYALTY to my current students, I will  not take new students 1-2 weeks before any MAJOR auditions where they have to compete for “chair, band placement OR win a concert “solo” positions/placement in their band or CBDA/VCHB/SCSBOA Honor Bands.
  • In the past I’ve had people convince me that they want to take “lessons” on an ongoing basis, then they take only 1 or 2 lessons before a test/audition in direct competition with my long time students. This is not fair to them and I WILL accept financial losses to show my allegiance.


  • Now and then I’ll have a former student who has discontinued lessons and they will contact me asking for audition music or one or two lessons just before an audition. This is a tough policy to enforce, but IF they are in direct competition to a student presently enrolled as a client, I WILL at my discretion decline to:
    – – – Book a lesson.
    – – – Give out sheet music and mp3/youtube listening materials.
    – – – Assistance in sending out information regarding enrollment in honor bands.
    – – – Most of this information is online and the former student must take the time to do the research.
  • IF they agree to returning as a student on an “ongoing basis”, I will consider reinstating lessons and/or give out audition information.  I may ask for prepayment of 1 month of lessons as a contract to that effect.
  • IF they are NOT in conflict with any student/client, I will consider helping the former student out, but they MUST book a lesson. I will not give out the information via email or text.


  • Since I started teaching, my policy is that I have the right to discontinue lessons or encourage a parent to consider discontinuing lessons due to disinterest, not practicing or even if they have left a band program which creates an atmosphere of waning interest in music and self discipline in practicing.
  • REASON TO RELEASE A STUDENT:  I feel it’s not right for a parent to pay for lessons when their son/daughter is not keeping up their part of the deal. Plus sometimes I do have a waiting list, and releasing a student opens the door for another student who might be very ambitious to learn, practice and grow in their hobby or future career of choice!